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The pleasant municipality of Kiikoinen is located favourably on the eastern boundary line of Satakunta Region, on the highway number 11 connecting Pori, the capital of the region, and Tampere in the neighbouring region. Kiikoinen lies only 50 kilometers away from Pori on the west coast of Finland, and 70 kilometers to the west of Tampere. So Kiikoinen has great road traffic connections to the largest cities in southwestern Finland. The coastal location of Satakunta and diversified nature and cultural environment offer a lot to see end experience.

There are about 1300 inhabitants in this rural municipality - the number of old and also of young people is high. Especially the people of the working age are very welcome to move to clear nature and landscape of Kiikoinen. Kiikoinen offers good services for groups of all ages, from pre-school children to senior citizens. There are a lot of land to build both houses and industrial plants in Kiikoinen.

Nearly 52 per cent of the inhabitants in Kiikoinen work in the service sector, about 24 per cent in the manufacturing industry and about 23 per cent in forestry and agriculture. The biggest industrial company, Potila Oy Kiikoisten Konepaja, concentrates on the production of agricultural machines and iron structures. In addition, small-size workshoptype companies are typical in Kiikoinen.

The municipality of Kiikoinen co-operates with its neighbouring municipalities in many way. Especially health care and education are organized in co-operation with neighbouring municipalities. An active co-operation is very important to small municipalities like Kiikoinen.

The local societies organize several cultural events during the summertime. At the beginning of July, the number of people in Kiikoinen grows threefold for one weekend, as folklore fans from all over Finland gather for the regional Folklore Festival "Purpurijuhlat". It is a festival for the whole family. As its main theme the Festival presents folk music and folk dance performances based on the Western-Finnish peasant and crofter tradition. It has been the aim of the local organizers to keep the fancy fair feeling away from the festival, so if you want to experience something original, join the "Purpurijuhlat"! The name "purpuri" stands for a local wedding and festive dance from the 18th century.

Other activities: hiking, skiing, volleyball, archery and outdoor winter swimming.

For more information: please contact the Local Youth Association, tel. +358-44-701 1251, or the municipality of Kiikoinen, tel. +358-40-488 0200.

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